Art+Energy = Camp

“At first my parents forced me to come to camp. The field trips, teachers, and experiences changed my point of view of this camp, and now I love it.”
- Canaan Blackwell

week 1!

Week 1 of Art+Energy Camp was epic! Field trips, making, energy games, climate science, green buildings, and more. We got a taste of "existing conditions" of energy generation through some fantastic field trips!

Field trips included:

  • Beaver Valley Nuclear Plant
  • Bruce Mansfield Coal Fired Power Plant
  • Conservation Consultants, Inc. building
  • Energy Innovation Center
  • Chatham's Eden Hall Campus

Next week campers will start sketching their ideas for a renewable energy artwork!

with generous support from
Heinz Endowments
Google Community Grants Foundation
RK Mellon Foundation
Three Rivers Community Foundation